Reduce your carbon footprint – go green

In all these days since I created my blog, I’ve been wondering what to write about. And it’s finally come to me today… when I gave my family two wholly chemical free days (except for the chemicals we breathe of course).

I love all things natural. So why not share the little knowledge that I have gained about home remedies, aroma therapy, natural disinfectants, organic food and other such every day stuff!

I was introduced to the idea of organic food and its importance, especially for little children, by a friend and I thank God for making us cross paths. From there, I have come a long way and she has been my sounding board. Curiosity being my constant companion, I started by reading the labels on EVERYTHING. There were all sorts of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in most of the stuff we were eating! Not to mention the various chemicals (some of which I can’t even pronounce) in the stuff we were not eating. That was my wake-up call.

I immediately switched to organic groceries. Over a period of two-three months, my kitchen was wholly organic, right down to the sugar. The non-stick utensils went out to be replaced by cast iron tawas and kadhais. I hardly had any plastic utensils anyway.

In the meanwhile, I researched lotions etc. For a while, I substituted lotion with olive/almond oil and washed my face with organic besan. But the smell!! I discovered a few brands that made cosmetics with natural ingredients and zero preservatives. Biotique even uses organic ingredients (and my local pharmacy stocks their products). So I made the switch. Now we’re clean and green and we don’t smell like yoghurt.


My baby will turn 4

In less than a month my baby girl will celebrate her fourth birthday. She already acts like she’s 40 sometimes but then I act like I’m 4 and we’re back to normal!

The difference between a 3rd birthday and a 4th is that now she has a say in everything! Last year she selected a theme from a list of 4 themes and she selected a shape for her cake. This year she’s rattling off a list of people she wants to invite (some of whom she knows because they’ve pulled her hair or pinched her)

What am I today

 I’m happy. Guess why…I’ve eaten a banana! No, that can’t be it. It’s probably because I exercised, ate a banana and started writing my new blog…all on the same day. Not bad huh??